The most used equipment in construction

As an architecture student, bricklayer or construction master, you will know that building is not easy, especially if you do not have the right materials or equipment. You must keep in mind and take care of even the smallest detail so that your work is perfect. Remember that construction is not only about dealing with the different work groups, but more important is knowing the implements and equipment that will bring your project to success.

That is why in the following article we will describe what are the most used equipment in construction, so that the cement is perfect in that concrete mixer.

Classification of machinery on site

Before moving on to the specific equipment that will accompany you in each construction you make, you should know that there is a classification for the machinery, this according to the weight / volume ratio, existing:

Heavy machinery: As cranes or excavators.

    Semi-heavy machinery: Water truck or ladder truck.

    Lightweight equipment: Steel cutters, vibrators.

    Minor tools: Tweezers, handsaw.

    Machines: Electric saw, drill.

Meet the teams that will be your best ally in the work

Surely when you first arrived at a work, you were not entirely clear what each equipment was for, including the basic equipment for the concrete preparation, and that knowledge is only acquired with the construction works that you add to your body, so below you will know the different equipment and the function that each one fulfills.

Concrete Mixer and Concrete Mixer

If you want the best concrete preparation this is the best option, since its function is to continuously move concrete and mortar. You can find mobile and fixed models.

Compactor plate

This equipment has two functions, one of them is to compact the materials to achieve a very strong concrete, but you can also use it as a surface smoothing. What makes it much more efficient in its function of compacting is vibration.

Electric generator

Every bricklayer needs a generator to use the power tools.

Concrete vibrator

With this equipment you can also get a much more compact and better quality cement, since it acts directly in the mix.

Planer, helicopter or trowel

Smooth concrete pavements, already when floor finishes are made.

Lighting towers

Although it seems obvious they are very necessary and essential for a good performance in low light schedules.

Without a doubt, each of the teams is essential within the knowledge that an architect or a bricklayer must have for the construction, and so that you can get the best concrete preparation, do not forget that gives you the best options for cement, highlighting Portland cement or Anti Salitre, special for coastal areas with high humidity. But if your construction is somewhat more conventional, you have the Ultra Resistant and Masonry versions.

A final recommendation is that you be able to acquire the best equipment and the best materials for the work, because this will be fundamental in the successful development of your project.

how can we help you?

How can we help you?